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Cheryl Lussen
Owner/ Operator

Cheryl Anne Lusson RN, LE

Cheryl is a native of Virginia Beach, but spent her early adult life in Northern California. While in California, Cheryl obtained her nursing degree with a focus in maternal child service, labor and delivery and the NICU. After returning to her hometown in the early 2000’s she transitioned into surgical services. Throughout her career she has been on both, the clinical as well as the administrative side of nursing. In 2014 Cheryl began to realize her true passion for skin care and a desire to turn that passion into a new career path. In 2015 she attended The Chrysm Institute and obtained her Professional Esthetician License. The following year Cheryl opened “The Ageless Face” with the support of her family, her nursing community and her amazing partner Courtney Blais. This new opportunity allowed her to provide a direct “hands on” approach as well as the “one on one” client interaction she desired. The science behind esthetics is a huge passion for Cheryl, and she takes great pride in discovering the perfect blend of treatments and products to assist her clients with finding confidence in their skin.

Courtney Blais
Master Esthetician/ Instructor Owner Operator

Courtney Blais

Courtney has been working in the skin care industry for over 11 years during which time she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of skin. Since graduating with her Masters in Esthetics she continued her education and received her instructor license and takes continuing education courses in new advanced skincare treatments. Concepts in Medical Skincare, Acne, Sun Damaged and Aging Skin. As a skin care therapist Courtney feels that educating her clients on their skin and helping them understand stand their concerns is one of the most important aspects of her career. She believes that by providing her clients with knowledge and tools she can help each individual client reach their skin care goals. As a Spa Co-Owner Courtney strives to set The Ageless Face apart from a typical spa we have created a warm and welcoming environment for clients to walk into and make their stress melt away. We also put high importance on making services affordable to everyone. Incorporating medical spa treatments into your life should be a constant, not a once in a while luxury. Courtney knows you will be amazed with the excellent service and exquisite treatments at The Ageless Face...

Managing Director

Ashlee Hawley

Ashlee is originally from Napa, California and relocated to Virginia Beach in 1999. She has been on the business side of the medical field since 2000, and while moving around with her Naval Officer husband she has worked all over the country bringing leadership and organization to different types of medical offices. Ashlee settled back in Virginia Beach in 2010 when her husband retired from the Navy. She has been with The Ageless Face since the beginning and continues to try to keep order in the office. When she is not at the office, Ashlee loves spending her time with family and friends.